Spectators Rules:


1. Please turn off your mobile phones or set the phone on silent mode during the competition. Phone calls are prohibited in the venue;

2. Please do not make noise or talk beside the court during the competition;

3. Please do not use flashlight when taking pictures during the competition;

4. Please do not move about during the competition until the players change sides (after the odd-numbered set of each game and after the end of each set);

5. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the venue;

6. Please do not cheer the players face to face. Cheer only when the match is over;

7. If you get a ball that a player hits off the court, do not throw the ball into the court until time out is called. Do not throw the ball back to the court when the game is still on.

8. Please do not bring young to watch a tennis match, because they may disrupt the match by making noise.

Spectators Etiquette:


1. All backpacks must go through the security check. Suitcases (especially large ones) are not allowed into the venue. To watch large tennis opens, the spectators with backpacks must pass through the security gates to make sure they do not carry any hazardous material.

2. For the safety of players and spectators, glass bottles and beverage cans are not allowed into the venue, and only soft-packaged drinks can be taken into the venue.

3. Some electronic communication devices cannot be brought into the venue, including TV sets, radios, and computers that may make noises to distract the players. Newborns are not allowed in the venue due to difficulties in controlling their noise level. We kindly ask all viewers to obey the rules at all times.

4. Please be seated immediately when the competition begins.

a. At the end of an odd-numbered game, players need to change sides and have a short break. However, after the first game, players change sides but do not have a rest, so the spectators are generally not allowed to approach the court. At the end of the 3rd, 5th and 7th game or a set, spectators shall be seated in a timely manner with the help of ushers. If you have not found your seat when the competition has begun, please take the nearest seat where you are and do not stand up or move about till the next time when the players change sides.

b. In a venue with spectator stands, find your seat and be seated before the start of the match, and do not stay in the aisle or sit on the railing; in a venue without spectator stands, stay behind back and side stops and keep away from the court.

c. If there are competitions simultaneously on several courts and you want to move to another court, wait till the one-point game on your present court is over, and make sure you walk behind the backstop where it is less conspicuous without distracting the players.

5. Keep absolutely quiet at the start of the game, and do not eat, chat or make any noise that may distract players and other spectators. Be sure to turn off your mobile phone or put it on vibration and/or silent mode.

6. During the competition, cheer only when a one-point game does end.

7. During the competition, never engage in any form of conversation with judges or players. Do not inquire about the score, express disagreement with the judgment, or cheer the players face to face.

8. If you get a ball that a player hits off the court, do not throw the ball into the court until the one-point game is over, otherwise you may distract the players.

9. Please do not use flashlight when taking pictures during the competition.

10. No smoking in the venue.